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Labour Party Rulebook

*Edited- the external site hosting the Labour Party rulebook appears to have taken it down. You can still access the up to date rules via the Labour membersnet rules and procedures section below.

Membersnet Rules and Procedures full web address:


Labour National Policy Forum- Draft Policy Documents

The National Policy Forum South-East comrades have helpfully posted the draft documents for Labour’s six policy commissions.  These cover:

Although each policy document begins and ends with questions (they are draft documents after all, and the point of them is to encourage submissions from Labour members) the middle bits are also a useful summary of where we are now and current Labour policy.

National Policy Forum- Policy Discussion Documents

Labour Achievements 1997-2010

There are lots of good individual sites out there that list Labour achievements from 1997-2010, so I thought I’d try and collate some of them for easy reference.  Some of these are slightly out of date, but still I think useful as a prompt for the kinds of things we should be monitoring now.  I’ll add more to the list if people point them out.

50 Labour Party achievements since 1997 (originally from the old Labour website, reproduced by UK Local & General Election Debate)

50 Labour Achievements – a list compiled by the Trades Unions UNISON and GMB

Top 50 Labour achievements (different list but still good, from South Thanet CLP)

Labour Achievements in International Development

Labour Achievements in Europe (alternative pdf version here)

UPDATE: Wells Labour Party has got a great section showing Labour lines and achievements, broken down by policy area, up to 2010

The Coalition Agreement

The Coalition Agreement covers the planned legislative programme for the Tory-Lib Dem Government.

It’s like a manifesto, only no-one knew what was in it until after the election.

Still, it’s an important resource in holding the government to account on their own terms.

The Coalition Agreement


Labour Manifestos since 1900

This website lists every Labour manifesto from 1900 – 2001:

Archive of UK Labour Party Election Manifestos

You can see the 2005 and 2010 manifesto below.

Labour Manifesto 2005

Labour Manifesto 2010