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Census tables

This part of the 2011 Census website gives excel spreadsheets, broken down by region and by local authority, gives counts of a number of different kinds of demographic, social and economic data.  I’ve linked directly to what I think are some of the most useful and instructive datasets to inform local political debates:



Power Relations


See all of the tables here: Release: 2011 Census, Key Statistics for Local Authorities in England and Wales

The Census website also summarises national findings broken down into the categories of ‘who we are,’ ‘how we live,’ and ‘what we do.’  It’s a good way of getting familiar with what the different categories refer to.  Read 2011 Census: Key Statistics for England and Wales, March 2011


Oxbridge Elitism

The final page of this Commons Library note on elitism at Oxford & Cambridge has a nice table on % of students going to Oxford by type of school, going back to 1989.  Here’s a screencap:

Proportion of young people going on to university, by school

The Sutton Trust has some useful stats on how many students go on to Higher Education in England, broken down by local authority and by college.  The report that outlines the findings is here: Degrees of Success, University Chances by Individual School.

And the raw stats which give details for each school and authority are here: Degrees of Success – HE Destinations tables.

To give a quick flavour of some of the results, here are the stats for colleges in Southampton:

School Name

Education authority

Exam points per student

% of pupils accepted at university

% of pupils accepted at selective universities

St Anne’s Catholic School, Southampton Southampton




Southampton City College Southampton




King Edward VI School, Southampton Southampton




Itchen College, Southampton Southampton




Taunton’s College Southampton




Local Education Stats

The Department for Education website allows you to look for key performance indicators for how schools are doing in a particular area, right down to the ward level.  You can look for:

You can also, using the link on the top right of the page, look for the results of individual schools, which includes Academies and private schools.

DfE: Education and Skills in Your Area

Before the 2010 election, these stats went back to 1997.  Now they only go back to 2005.  Hmmm.