Getting Petition Signatories

Here are some useful resources on how to get lots of people to sign a campaign petition:

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  1. i have to start thinking about what you want to eat, that’s when you start to gravitate toward the bad food groups. It’s all about what you have in your fr¬€âeâg‚iâdœif you have good food in your fridge it makes it that much easier.

  2. Hi Nathan,I read this earlier and liked it. I probably need to read it again, but one initial thought was that most of the “non-verbal” in communication is non-deliberate and unconscious. That is, when I am simply talking to someone I don’t necessarily deliberately add in the non-verbal communication, it’s just there. I might touch someone on the arm or some such thing, but without having actually thought about doing it. So I don’t know how that translates into congregational singing with a view to being mindful of encouraging to others.

  3. I like reading about babies and I like Nick Lachey but his wife does drive me crazy. I think she is about as interesting as a toothpick but I like him and that he is devoted to his wife. Bless his heart!!!

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