Useful energy policy links

Here are a few useful links to government policy documents that (theoretically) underpin its current energy policy:

Green Deal

The Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation consultation document covers a lot of detail about how the Green Deal will operate, and the new obligation the government will place on energy companies to improve energy efficiency and tackle fuel poverty.

The Draft Impact Assessment for the Green Deal also has lots of further useful technical stats and details on how the Green Deal will be implemented.

A link to all documents to do with the Green Deal consultation is here.


*Updated* Nov 2012

Here are all the details about the Energy Bill, now published on Nov 28th 2012.  This page also has details on…

*Old Energy Bill stuff*

This section on the DECC website gives details about Electricity Market Reform and the draft 2012-13 Energy Bill, including policy briefs, impact assessments, and existing legislation in the area.

The Renewables Roadmap (July 2011) sets out the government’s strategy for increasing deployment of renewable energy generation in the UK.  Further detailed stats on this are in the technical analysis.

(The Renewables Roadmap page on the DECC website is here)

Fuel Poverty

The Hills Fuel Poverty Review is an in-depth view of how fuel poverty is measured, an argument for why that measure should be changed, plus (at the end) some interesting analysis of how different government approaches would have different affects on the proposed new fuel poverty measure.  I’m a little skeptical of the new measure, if only because on page 140 it states that the new ‘Low Income High Cost’ measure of fuel poverty proposed in the report would wipe off about 5 million people who would, by 2016, otherwise be classed as fuel poor.  Still, it’s a very useful report that will be very relevant to the fuel poverty debate over the next few years.

Full DECC page on the Hills Review is here.

Policy Impacts on Prices and Bills lists updated reports from DECC on the overall impact of policies like CERT, CESP and ECO on consumer energy bills


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  1. A useful overview of the various goverment policies available, I will refer to this in future to help refer to goverment initiatives to help for research.

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