Welfare Spending Breakdown

So the Government wants to send everyone an individual breakdown of where their (direct) taxes go.  And there is the perfectly legitimate concern that with every breakdown, the Tories will want to make sure there is a big and unexplained box called ‘welfare’ that gets taxpayers angry and encourages a further crackdown on people on benefits.

If only there was a nice spreadsheet showing what ‘welfare’ spending actually consisted of- comparing spending on (say) incapacity benefit with (say) the state pension.

The DWP’s Benefit expenditure tables – Medium term forecast provides a good start.

Below is a quick pie chart based on table 1b from that spreadsheet- Table 1b: Benefit expenditure by benefit, £ million, real terms (2011/12 prices).  This table breaks down every type of welfare expenditure that accounts for over 1% of the welfare bill for 2011/12.


Here’s a direct link to the spreadsheet: Medium-term benefit expenditure tables and caseload table from 1948/49 to 2016/17

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