Local Fuel Poverty Statistics

This spreadsheet from DECC gives the estimated number of households living in fuel poverty by local authority, Parliamentary constituency and region.

The weakness in the figures is that they’re from 2009, which clearly predates a lot of recent energy price rises.

If I get time I might check on what’s happened overall to fuel poverty numbers since 2009, which would provide a crude mechanism for extrapolating an increase onto the local figures.

The spreadsheet shows in 2009 there were:

  • 12,448 fuel poor households in Southampton (12.7% of households)
  • The average (both median and mean) rate of fuel poverty by local authority was 18.2%- in Plymouth.

Fuel poverty rates by region are reproduced below:

Fuel Poverty in English Regions
English region Number of households1 Number of households in fuel poverty1 % of households fuel poor
East Midlands        1,862,121            398,478 21.4%
East of England        2,388,522            387,672 16.2%
London        3,030,780            401,859 13.3%
North East        1,127,904            271,519 24.1%
North West        2,938,918            649,201 22.1%
South East        3,481,988            410,928 11.8%
South West        2,229,058            411,080 18.4%
West Midlands        2,244,928            589,004 26.2%
Yorkshire and the Humber        2,231,195            444,182 19.9%
TOTAL      21,535,414         3,963,923 18.4%
1 Note: Household and fuel poverty numbers at region level come from the national fuel poverty statistics, 2009

See the full spreadsheet: Fuel Poverty Sub Regional Statistics


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