Incapacity for Work Benefit Claimant Numbers 1972-2010

The report Trends in the Employment of Disabled People in Britain from the University of Essex has a graph showing numbers of people of people claiming incapacity or equivalent benefit from 1972 -2010.  This is really useful as it allows us to compare what happened with incapacity numbers over periods of both Tory and Labour Government.

On page 4 the report says:

The graph shows a steady rise in the number of men and women receiving benefit on grounds of incapacity for work, from just under 600,000 in 1975 to just under 2.5 million in 1995 – a fourfold increase, equivalent to 7 per cent growth each year (compound).

After 1995, though, the rise in the number of claims in payment has either reduced or stopped, depending on which of the two series is being considered.”

This helps fill in the gap highlighted in my previous post about easily accessible government stats on IB only going back to 1999.


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